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We at Santasport pay close attention to safety issues in all daily operations. Our safety policy is designed to develop all-round safety at the Institute, as well as to actively prevent accidents for the safety of our customers and personnel.

With our committed and active safety managing we strive to affect the attitudes and ways of working of our personnel as well as all visitors. By caring about a safe environment and actions, and by observing others in our sports activities and facilities, we can all promote safety together.

Santasport's safety documents, continuous risk assessment and regular training in safety issues improve our ability to act in emergencies. Please see our safety instructions here.

Safety makes your experience at Santasport more comfortable, and is an important factor in the quality of all the services offered. As a visitor we kindly request your feedback on all safety deviations you may come across. We welcome all safety-related initiations at Santasport. Please e-mail us at oula-matti.peltonen(at) or call +358 20 7984234. An initiation that improves the safety of our common environment will be rewarded with a small safety-related prize.

Santasport has public liability insurance that will cover any personal or property damage that the insured is liable for.

Customers and students must make sure that their personal insurance covers all needed activities.

Santasport is part of the tourism safety and security system of Lapland

Safety is one of the most important bases in tourism. In Lapland, safety issues are being developed with a wide-ranging network of operators. The Lappish model can be applied in all of Finland, but it has also raised international interest.

In 2011, The Security and Defence Committee of Finland awarded Lapland’s tourism safety network for work done in the field of safety. Santasport is one of the core members in the network, providing education and knowledge in tourism safety and security in Lapland.

The corner stones of our safety education are the Travel Industry Safety Passport and Safety Passport Instructor courses. The courses have first been started in Lapland in 2006, and are open for everyone. Santasport continues to develop the safety and security factors in the travel industry.

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