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Power Cup 2019

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Power Cup, an annual volleyball tournament for juniors, is organized on 6.-9.6.2019 in Rovaniemi, Santasport Olympic Training Center

On upcoming summer's Power Cup in Rovaniemi, Santasport Olympic Training Center is the official tournament center, including the competitions and also a lot of side activities. Santasport has accommodation options, restaurants and also a lot of different kind of sport and free-time activities under one roof.

In Santasport's area you are in the middle of the tournament happenings, but you can also easily take a break in the middle of the nature, or step into the fun activity adventures in Ounasvaara nature! The lively life of the city centrum is also only 2 kilometres away.



In Santasport facilities we have several different kind of accommodation options for your stay in Rovaniemi. We have Sporthotel in our main building, Kammi Hostels right next to the main building, and brand new Santasport Apartment Hotel is a few steps away from the main building.



Check more information about our accommodation options:


Santasport Apartment Hotel

Kammi Hostel


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Santasport Sales

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Santasport has several different kind of free-time activities and there is something fun to do for everyone!


Enjoy the Finnish Lapland's nature

In Santasport, the amazing scenery of Ounasvaara nature is on the other side of the door - only few steps and you are already in the middle of the Lapland's nature! Enjoy the versatile forest paths and take a walk for example to the top of the Ounasvaara hill and get amazed by the view on top of the city. Take a break in the nature and enjoy some drinks or food on the fire place. All of this is found right next to the tournament center. The most important things is to enjoy the midnight summer sun of Rovaniemi, and just take it all in of the Finnish summer!


Arctic Adventure Park Huima

Do you look for amazing experiences, do you enjoy adventures and exciting activities? If so, our Adventure Park Huima's adventures are just the right thing for you! In Huima you can climb in 9 different kind of routes that are above the ground, build in between living trees! You will climb, balance and solve your way throught the routes.

Huima welcomes every adventure-loving person to enjoy the day with these adventures. Adventure park is suitable for everyone over 4-year-old. The routes are exciting and challenging enough for adults as well. This is so much fun for everyone!



Fatbike-ride, frisbeegolf-route or minigolf-games?

We at Santasport have different kind of amazing rental equipments and activities for summerdays. Grap a fatbike and go take a bike-ride to the amazing nature of Ounasvaara! This is a great way to enjoy the summerday or -evening in Rovaniemi!

If you are looking for something more relaxing and easy-going things to do, we have something for you as well! Take your friends with you and go test some frisbeegolf-routes, or take a match in minigolf!

You can rent these equipments from the Arctic Adventure Park Huima.



Bowling and spa

We have a bowling hall with 12 alleys and a nice spa.

Bowling is like a all-time classic for having fun! On friday- and saturday evenings we have also cosmic bowling, and on that time the whole hall is filled with amazing lights and great music! Right next to the bowling hall we have our café-restaurant Buusti Lounge & Deli, where you can find different food options from small snacks to large dishes!

From our Spa you can find different kind of pools, and also for kids there is a kid's pool with a small waterslide! The spa is a great way to relax after a long day.