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Havukka Arctic Tastes – weekly dinner

WED klo 19.00-22.00, Havukka-hut

At wooden hut Havukka, our chef warmly welcomes you to enjoy Lappish meal
with us. Once you enter in to the cozy hut, you will definitely get into the right atmosphere. Bon appétit, hyvää ruokahalua - I hope you enjoy your meal!

Arctic Tastes dinner is served every Wednesday starting from 13th December at 7pm. Exception week 52: the table setting will be on 26th December. Dinner is not only for groups, everyone may join with the Lappish hut-dinner with us!



Smooth pure soup served in Lappish kuksa wooden mug
Rye bread with slightly salted salmon

Warm smoked salmon, roasted white fish
Pickled season vegetables, roasted root vegetables,
cold smoked reindeer with creme filling

Lingonberry sauce, dill dressing, local cheese,
red onion compote

Lappish cheese braised in cream, cloudberry jam
Black pot coffee, tea


Price: 45 EUR/adult, 29 EUR/child under 12 yrs

Wine-package: 15 EUR/person, includes 2 x 18 cl red or white wine




Bookings for the Havukka-dinner on the previous day until 5 pm. Dinner will be served, if min. 6 person have made booking.

More information:
+385 (0)20 798 4222