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In our pool area we can offer water sports instruction for all age groups. We offer swim schools on different levels for both children and adults, and our group exercise calendar lists different types of aquatics and hydrobic classes with professional instructors. Our swimming professionals also offer services for swimming clubs and competing swimmers.


Santasport swim schools for all ages and stages

Our swim schools teach you swimming skills, starting from the basics and reaching all the way to the finest competing techniques. We want to offer just the right group for you or your child. We also give private lessons for individuals as well as groups of all ages. You are never too young or old to learn more about aquatics! If you need assistance with anything swimming-related, do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that our swim schools operate in Finnish.


Supportive services for swimmers

Santasport offers services on all levels, from children to adults, and recreational swimmers to actively competing athletes. The services are useful for all swimmers and support the training process. Our underwater Go Pro cameras help you refine your technique, and the Swimsense Performance Monitor analyzes your strengths and weaknesses in different movements. We use pool mirrors, teaching platforms, and other assisting tools.

Swimming clubs have scheduled pool bookings outside public hours.

Pool area opening hours

Please note that the use of shorts as swimwear is forbidden at the pool area for hygiene reasons. You may rent proper swimwear from the reception.


More information
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