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Our varied group exercise calendar has exercise classes for all levels. The classes are categorized by different elements, each representing a different type of exercise. Using the element coding it is easy to find classes suitable for your needs. Relax in a body care class, raise your heart rate in FolkJam, or try the bar bell – we have many options available every day!

Exercise Class Calendar and Bookings


EARTH: Health from sports. Create a sturdy base for your well-being with Earth classes, marked with the colour brown.

AIR: Harmony of the movements. Soft and harmonic exercise for body control, mobility and a relaxed mind. Air classes are marked with a turquoise colour.

ROCK: Strength from exercise. Rock classes shape the foundation and core of your body. These classes, marked gray, help improve your muscular strength and endurance.

FOREST: Joyful sports. Flowing movement and aerobic exercise are offered during the green Forest classes.

FIRE: Energetic exercise. Come challenge yourself at the orange Fire classes. This element challenges you physically and offers all of our energetic special sports.

WATER: Aquatics. Feel refreshed in the water and improve your physical condition in these classes, listed in the colour blue.

Group Instruction Available Upon Request

You may book a group exercise for your group or as private classes. See our classes available for booking in the list of instructed classes under the Companies & Groups site. We may plan the classes according to your wishes. Request more information from Sales.

You are welcome to join our classes!

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