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Santasport has several modern gyms adjusted for different needs. You may purchase single-entry tickets to all gyms except the CrossFit gym that operates under separate terms. You may also book classes or schedule a group instruction. More information available from Sales.

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Age Limit: 16

Age limit to our gyms is 16 years. If you are under 16 years of age and interested in training with groups or weightlifting, see our new Santasport Youth Club. The club is meant for young people, and its goal is to safely teach the basics of gym training and weightlifting without competitive pressure.

Sports Hall Gym

The sports hall gym is a basic gym hall open for all users. It is located next to the main entrance of sports hall. You may purchase single-entry, serial, or season passes to sports hall gym.

CMS Club Gym

The CMS Club Gym Studio located behind the pool area is a modern gym that offers varied opportunities for aerobic exercise and muscle training. You can use the gym by joining CMS Club or by purchasing a Santasport Day Pass. Guests staying at our hotel may use the gym for free every morning, from 6 to 8.

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Internationally popular CrossFit training is an excellent addition to Santasport's extensive sports palette. The CrossFit gym, located inside the main sports hall, offers 14 training spots - each with free weights, weight lifting area, gym bars, gymnastic rings and balls, back and ab benches, kettlebells, and rowing ergometers. Please note that you may only use the CrossFit gym with an instructor present, or with a CrossFit club membership.

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Strength Training Hall

Our new 252 m2 free-weight training hall, built at the same time with the new extension, replaces the old strength training room in the sports hall. The spacious hall is equipped with mirrors and offers a great environment for many kinds of training for clubs, teams, and individuals alike. Clubs may schedule a weekly time, or make a single booking. Single-entry tickets are sold outside scheduled bookings. Request more information from the reception.

Outdoor Gym

The outdoor gym is located between the main building and Lappi Areena ice hall. In the summer, the outdoor gym has free weights, gym bars, benches, and other apparatus at your use.