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In addition to the bowling alley, pool area, gym, Arctic Adventure Park Huima and Lappset Funpark, we offer the following indoor sports facilities:


Indoor Facilities

Indoor cycling hall, bottom floor of main building

Our indoor cycling hall has high-quality exercise bikes for 20 people, air conditioning, and sound and video systems. The hall has stadium-style seating, offering everyone a clear view to the instructor and the big screen.

Mirrored hall, bottom floor of main building

Saaga is a gym hall with good air conditioning, large mirrors, adjustable lighting, and a high-quality sound system. The room is 99 m2 in size and can host a group of about 20 people.

Gym hall, bottom floor of Kammi 2 building

Seita is a spacious gym hall with large mirrors, great lighting, sound system, and air conditioning. The hall is 258 m2 big and offers enough space for even large groups’ needs. Seita’s varied gym equipment offers great moments of fun for different groups.

Circuit training hall, bottom floor of main building

Circuit training hall is a physical exercise hall designed ideally for a group of 20 persons. The hall offers an opportunity for varied exercise. Circuit training uses apparatus designed to improve balance, body control, coordination, and muscle tone.

Gymnastics hall, bottom floor of main building

Siula can host a group of 10 to 20 persons, depending on the sport. Siula has a gymnastics floor.

Mirrored hall, bottom floor of main building

Juta is a versatile gymnastics hall with large mirrors and good lighting. Juta can host a group of 20 to 30 persons, depending on the sport. The hall is ideal for example for dance classes.


In the sports hall, you can train a variety of sports. It features

  • 200 m running track in the round
  • ball fields (volley ball, futsal, floorball, etc.)
  • Sports Hall gym
  • gymnastics apparatus in one end
  • throw training area
  • jumping areas


CrossFit® Area

A hall meant for CrossFit training. The hall has room for 14 persons. Gym bars, rings, weight lifting area, and other basic apparatus together with rowing machines, ab and back benches, and climbing ropes offer a varied training environment for effective circuit training. All classes are organized by CrossFit Santasport, but you may also rent the hall for other use. Read more about CrossFit Santasport

Weightlifting Area - Voimapaja

The 20-person weight training hall, the only one of its kind in Finland, is meant for weightlifting and additional training for other sports. The room is a big open space that enables simultaneous training for bigger groups, and our filming and technique analyzing software enhances precise technique training. In addition to weights, the room has squat stands, lifting stands, gym bars, stall bars, back benches, climbing ropes and  pommel horses. The new hall, finished in April 2014, has replaced the old weight lifting room at the other end of the sports hall.

Climbing Wall

To use the climbing wall, at least one person in the party must have adequate belaying experience. If you wish to go over the basics of belaying, contact Oula-Matti Peltonen, oula-matti.peltonen(at) You may also acquire the required skills in our belaying courses. Use of climbing wall at your own risk. 


Outdoor Facilities

Football Field

Size: Game area 100 x 62 m, turf 105 x 64 m
Turf: Artificial turf (Saltex Greenie), with an elastic layer underneath
Timed lights, no heating.
You may book a single practice time or a weekly scheduled time.

Ski Tracks

Santasport Institute is located near a large network of skiing tracks and the magnificent scenery of Ounasvaara fell. Rovaniemi area ski tracks

Disc Golf

Disc golf is a fun and popular sport for everyone to try. The game resembles golf, but is played with flying discs. The goal is to get the disc into the basket with as few throws as possible. Discs may be rented from our reception.

Outdoor Gym

Train your muscles and get some fresh air outdoors. The outdoor gym is located between the Institute’s main building and Lappi Arena.

Children's Traffic Park

In the traffic park, children can ride pedal cars and learn traffic rules as they go. The park is open in the summer. Pedal cars may be rented from our reception.

Nordic Fitness Sports Park

A recreational area, spreading in the amazing scenery of Ounasvaara, is designed for many sports and year-round use. The trails are mapped and marked with signposts, and all trails can be accessed directly from the courtyard of Santasport. There are several trails with different skill levels available for people with different exercise backgrounds.