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Experience the Arctic Adventure!

Arctic Adventure Park Huima is located right at the Arctic Circle and it has 9 different courses up to seven meters above ground. In these courses adventurers move between living trees using ropes, beams, bridges and nets that are spanned from tree to tree.

Courses 3-9  for over 140 cm tall persons

Courses 3-7 for over 125 cm tall persons

Courses 2-3 for over 110 cm but under 125 cm tall persons

Please note that kids under the age of 15 need to have a parent with them at the adventure park and persons under the age of 18 need to have a permission form signed by their parent with them before entering the courses.

It is also possible to rent fatbikes and pedal cars from the adventure park or play minigolf, try our pedal car park Vauhti or test your skills at our Pump Track.

Arctic Adventure Park Huima - Great fun for the whole family!





KesäkausiSummer season 1.6.- to-su klo 12-18thursday-sunday 12 pm - 6 pm
SyyskausiAutumn season 10.8.- la-su klo 12-18saturday-sunday 12 pm - 6 pm

*Huima is closed during Midsummer holidays on friday-saturday 21.-22.6.

The adventure will take about at least 2-3 hours.

Adventure Park is also open for booked groups from May to the end of October. You can find more information about groups by scrolling down, and our sales team also helps gladly: +358 (0)20 798 4222 /



Seikkailijan pituusHeight HintaPrice
140 cm →140 cm → 26 €26 €
125 - 140 cm125 - 140 cm 22 €22 €
110 - 125 cm110 - 125 cm 14 €14 €
Eläkeläiset, opiskelijat ja varusmiehetPensioners, students and conscripts 22 €22 €


Tickets include basic guidance and necessary equipment. 

By buying an Adventure Park ticket, you get -20% sale from Santasport's other services, like bowling and pool areas. Sale is counted from the lowest price. This sale applies only on the same day as the Adventure Park ticket purchase is made.

Adventure Park also sells some small drinks & snacks!


We also rent some other sporty equipments and activitys

Fatbike 30€ / 3h | 50 € / 1pv | 30 € next day
Minigolf-round 8€ adult | 5€ child | 22€ family ticket
Frisbeegolf 10€ + pantti (sis. kiekkoja, ratakartan)10€ + pantti (sis. kiekkoja, ratakartan)10€ + deposit 



Do you want to have an adventure with a bigger group?

We organize customized adventures for groups over 10 people. These adventures will be placed outside the normal opening times. Contact us and ask for offer! Let's plan a package especially for your group.


tel. +358 (0)20 798 4222



Experience an amazing and unforgettable birthday at Huima! Celebrate your birthday with your group by balancing and climbing through the courses with the help of our guide. You can also use our Lappish style Havukka-hut for the whole time, which is right next to the adventure park!

Mind our height limits for the courses! Courses 3-9 are suitable for over 140 cm tall persons, courses 3-7 for over 125 cm tall persons and courses 2-3 for 110 cm - 125 cm tall persons.

You might get thirsty or hungry during the adventure, so we offer a small snack package as an extra service! This snack package includes an ice-cream of your choice from our selection, a juice and hotdog-ingredients (1 hot dog/person), so you can prepare your own hot dogs together! This snack package is 7€/person.

Price: 170€ max. 16 persons

additional snack package: 7€/person

Length: about 3 hours


We organize birthdays during Huima's opening hours, starting from 1.6!

Let's plan your birthday:


puh. 020 798 4222



Rules of Arctic Adventure Park Huima: ENG / RUS / CHN

Safety and Restrictions at Arctic Adventure Park Huima: ENG / RUS / CHN



It is recommended that all adventurers wear suitable clothing for outdoor activities and shoes that have low heels. Rings, watches, mobile phones and other accessories are also good to leave in safe keeping before putting on the necessary harnest and entering the courses.