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Santasport's long history with world-class sports guarantees our expertise in both professional and recreational sports. Our testing program helps you track your progress, as well as plan your training program according to your personal level. This way, beginning a new sport becomes a pleasant experience and progress is made faster.

Testing as part of other services

Several of our services, such as work well-being programs and exercise classes, include a beginning test to maximize the benefit of the training program. Repeating the tests later gives you a chance to easily track your progress and get more motivated to stick to the new lifestyle. Test results may also be utilized in independent training, and testing is a useful tool for tracking your progress further on.

Our test station offers muscle tone testing, endurance testing, body composition testing, balance testing, and mobility testing. The schedule depends on the size of the group tested. When needed, our nurse is also available for laboratory testing to support the evaluation of physical condition.

Huco Sport Profiling

The test is designed to define what motivates your exercising, and what is your sport of choice. Finding the right sport helps in beginning regular exercising and helps keep up the motivation in the long run.

Background Check

Personal appointment includes an interview, electrocardiogram measurement (rest-ECG) and blood-pressure measurement.

Body Composition Analysis

Body composition testing is an accurate analysis of your body’s composition and the distribution of fat and muscle in the body. We use both Tanita and Inbody 720 machines.

Endurance Testing

The UKK Institute’s 2-km walk test is suitable for all starting levels. The test shows the person’s endurance in relation to health and ability to function.

Indirect Cycle Ergometer test is suitable for all starting levels. The test charts your personal endurance and heart rate levels.

Muscular Tone Testing

The UKK health-related fitness testing tests your balance, mobility and muscular fitness. Muscular fitness test includes testing the main muscle groups: abs and back muscles, and upper and lower extremities.

Smart Equi Testing

Balance is an important part of mobility that is affected by body control and muscle tone. Smart Equi is a balance test that tests the senses related to balance.

BPM Monitoring

BPM (Back Pain Monitor) measuring system studies pain, spine mobility, muscle tone, and ability to work. Testing includes a personal feedback.

Health Promotion Well-Being Report

Health Promotion is a questionnaire analyzing well-being through the symptoms and mobility of the musculoskeletal system, exercise activity, mood, quality of sleep and vitality, ability to work and the physical stress of work, use of alcohol, and the number of sick leave days.

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