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Santa's Fysio offers massage and physiotherapy services to support your exercise and muscle training. It is important to take good care of your body and muscles. At Santa’s Fysio you can relax and recover in the hands of our professionals.


Our massage services are professionally tailored to the customer’s needs from office workers to professional athletes. Our strong experience in sports guarantees our expertise in relieving your muscle tension. 


Santa's Fysio offers varied services in physical rehabilitation, both with a doctor’s referral and as an open service. Our facilities are versatile, and we offer physical therapy in the pool, in the gym and in the sports hall. As a patient you may also try the services of CMS Club Santasport for free. It is easy to also continue independent training after the treatment period.

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We are located downstairs, next to our indoor cycling hall!

Santa's Fysio is located on the bottom floor of the main building, on the same hall with our group exercise rooms and indoor cycling room. The easiest route is through the main entrance of the sports hall: walk down the stairs and straight on. Santa’s Fysio is located on the right side of the hallway.

Price list
Partial massage 30 min 28 €
Half body massage 45 min 32 €
Half body massage 60 min 43 €
Full body massage 90 min 64 €
Supportive taping and acupuncture 30 €
45 minutes 60 €
60 minutes 80 €

Student Massage Services

The massage therapist students of Santasport practice massages for reduced prices. The goal of the massage course for sportsmen and athletes is to teach massage as a way to reduce the stress to muscles when doing sports, and to understand the importance of comprehensive body care. The title of the graduates is Sports Massage Therapist.

Mon - Thu from 8am to 8pm.

Half body massage 45 min 16 €
Full body massage 90 min 32 €


Welcome to Santa's Fysio!

Mon - Fri from 9am to 8pm
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