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Santasport pool area is ideal for competitive swimmers, aquatics, swim schools, and recreational swimming. Every year we host several inspiring campaigns, events, and relaxing candle swimming in intimate candle lighting. Our pool area is a big open space where it's easy for the entire family to enjoy swimming together.

Swimming Sports (in Finnish)

Pool Depth Temperature
Children's pool / teaching pool 50 - 90 cm 30 °C
Large pool, 4 tracks 1,2 - 2 m 27 °C
Cold water pool 1,5 m 7 - 9 °C
Hot water pool  0,5 m 36 °C
Round pool 1,2 m 30 °C
Jacuzzi 1 m 34 °C
Massage pool   30 °C

The cold-water plunge pool next to our hot-water pools gives our guests an experience similar to ice swimming. In appropriate short periods, swimming in both hot and cold water is known to have many health benefits. Athletes take advantage of these benefits to recover from training. The jacuzzi and massage pools with massaging showers guarantee you a relaxed feeling after the spa visit.

View a 360° panorama image of the pool area!



Our saunas offer you the warm and relaxing experience of the Finnish sauna. On both men's and women's side, our big saunas are warmed every afternoon. The renewed small saunas are warm in the morning, and are located between showers and the pool area.

Suitable for sensitive skin!

We use a biological cleansing and reusing system for the pool rinsing waters. The system allows for a smaller amount of chlorine in the water, thus making the amount of irritation for skin, eyes, and respiratory tracks smaller than usual.


The use of shorts as a swimwear is forbidden in the spa for hygiene reasons. Please take this into account when choosing a swimming attire. If needed, you may rent proper swimwear from the reception.

Mobility Aids

Our pool area has a pool lift for customers with disabilities. We also have shower chairs with different sized wheels. Make a request from the lifeguard. A list of available mobility aids and instruments is available on the special needs exercise website.