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First Snow Skiing Season starts in mid-October! In the upcoming season, the skiing trail will continue from the stadium to the golf park and trail will be longer than in previous years! In this year, the total length of the skiing trail will be about 9 km. In addition, there’ll be an own skiing trail for biathlon skiers in Toramo. First Snow Skiing trail is suitable for all skill levels – there are both easy routes and challenging sections for skiers like national ski team skill level!

The trail-making will begin in October in week 41-42 (weather permitting). Approximately on 21th October we will open a small skiing route and the whole First Snow Skiing trail will be ready during the week 43.

UPDATE: Trail-making started in this year 19th October from the Santasport and it goes towards stadium. The goal is to get route between Santasport and stadium (2,5 km) ready for Saturday 21st Oct. The whole route (9km) will be ready in the end of the week 43.

The trail payment for locals 20 € / full first snow skiing season. The family ticket is 40 € / season. Outdoor users (not locals) 10 € / person / day. Under school-aged users for free. The trail payment applies only to Ounasvaara's first snow skiing season from the end of October to the end of November, when nature trails are not yet available. On the nature trails you can ski for free, as before. Our hotel guests can use First Snow Skiing trail for free!

The First Snow Ski season tickets/day tickets are valid from the First snow ski track opening (estimate 21.10.) until the nature snow trails will be opened. (20.10-31.12.2017)


First Snow Skiing INFO

UPDATE 22th Nov.: Ticket sale of the First Snow Skiing season has now ended

Local skiers can buy a season ticket, which is valid the whole First Snow Skiing season. Pre-sale of the season tickets starts 4th of October. When buying the season ticket, you will get a blue pipe scarf as a mark. Season tickets are sold at the Osviitta service center on weekdays from 9am to 4pm and at the Santasport reception every day from 8am to 9pm.

  • Season ticket 20 € /person / season
  • Family ticket 40 €/ family (living in the same household) / season
  • Under 7 years no charge

Other skiers (not locals) can buy a day ticket for First Snow Skiing trail. Wristband-tickets are sold at Santasport reception every day from 8am to 9pm and at the reception of most Rovaniemi hotels or accommodation. Day tickets are personal and they are marked for each day.

  • Day ticket (wristband) 10 € / person / day
  • Under 7 years no charge


Mobile payment

First Snow Skiing trail-fee can also be paid by using a mobile phone by sending a textmessage. You will receive a message, which contains a confirmation of the payment (season ticket or a day ticket).

Send an SMS SANTA10E to 169200 (Price 10 € / person / day)

Send an SMS SANTA20E to 169200 (Price 20 € / person / season)

You can order the Family ticket by sending season ticket (20 €) SMS twice, total price 40 € /family (living in the same household) /season.

You will receive a confirmation of the payment in a reply message. Keep the payment confirmation message for a possible check or ticket redemption. The price of the ticket will be included in your phone bill. Service is available for Finnish mobile phone subscriptions. You will find the instructions of the mobile payment from the information boards in the ski trail. Also you can call to our reception in Santasport or Osviitta for more information.


More information of tickets and First Snow Ski trails:
Santasport reception +358 20 798 4202
Service point Osviitta 016 322 6800
Santasport Sales, tel. +358 20 798 4222,


Skiing tracks:
Ounasvaara skiing track

Ounasvaara skiing stadium
Ounasvaara ski jumping tower