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Alpine Skiing

Santasport Institute and its surroundings offer great conditions for alpine skiing and training camps, along with great opportunities for additional training. Ounasvaara Ski Resort’s new snow-making equipment guarantees great conditions starting from early season.

Young athletes can practice alpine skiing in Rovaniemi at Ounasvaara Upper Secondary School’s sports education program, as well as at Lapland’s Alpine Academy, all the way to professional and national team level. Camps are organized both regionally and internationally by sports clubs.

Education at Santasport

The training center of the institute organizes instructor and coach education as well as equipment and ski maintenance education.

For education on a more advanced level, coaches may apply for the Coaching Specialist Qualification course, equivalent to the European Professional Coaching Diploma, arranged at the Institute.

Testing Services

The training center offers a variety of tests for alpine skiers, including for example testing of different balance factors.

Lapland’s Alpine Academy

Lapland’s Alpine Academy, founded in 2010 in Lapland’s Sports Academy, offers daily physical training as well as alpine skiing practice and competitions. The training also includes outdoor camps. The basic operating idea of the academy is to offer a professional and functional training environment for upper secondary school graduates aiming for the national team. The gap between the skiing school and the national team has long been considered too big, and the academy is a result of concentrating resources to create a stronger system and base for the sport.

Applying for Alpine Academy

Are you a prospective graduate from upper secondary education? Come study in Rovaniemi, in the center of top sports, in Alpine Academy!

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