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Judo is a martial art where the risk of injuries is relatively small. The sport offers a lifelong challenge, and you may also compete in judo. In Rovaniemi, judo can be practiced at judo club Koyama. Coaching is organized together with Lapland’s Sports Academy.

Santasport Institute offers an excellent environment for competing, education, and camps. Daily training is possible on our large, 182 m2 double tatami mat. For camp purposes, it is possible to put together a tatami mat of over 400 m2 in size. In the same courtyard, we have all the opportunities available for additional training and supportive services, as well as a modern environment for teaching and courses.


Nordic Judo Championships 17.-19.5.2019

Nordic Judo Championships will be organized in the facilities of Santasport on 17.-19.5.2019.

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We are offering different kind of accommodation options right in the middle of the competitions, in Santasport's own hotels. There is offers for both Santasport Sporthotel and Apartment Hotels.

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These offers are valid until 15.4.2019.


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We arrange education together with the Finnish Judo Association’s Northern branch, in compliance with the association’s education system. The education includes club work, instructing children, youth and special needs groups, and coaching.

For education on a more advanced level, coaches may apply for the Coaching Specialist Qualification course, equivalent to the European Professional Coaching Diploma, arranged at the Institute.


Regional and bi-regional camps (Northern and Eastern Finland) are organized annually at the Institute. The instructors at the camps are among the best Finnish judokas. It is also possible to arrange camps tailored to different groups’ needs.

All skill levels, from world-class judo to exercise, children and youth groups, and special needs groups, organize camps at the Institute.


Santasport Institute has hosted for example the Finnish Championship in women’s and men’s judo in 2007. The event was organized together with Northern branch of the Finnish Judo Association and Rovaniemi’s Koyama judo club. In addition, several national and practice competitions are arranged at the institute for all skill levels and teams.


Daily judo coaching and its supportive functions are being developed at the Institute, together with Lapland’s Sports Academy. Santasport environment offers great training opportunities, as well as a varied, high-quality testing service.

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