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Santasport Institute’s facilities are excellent for weight training, camps, and competitions. The new free-weight hall, finished in April 2014, replaces the old strength training room in the Sports Hall. The hall has 20 weightlifting stations with weights, equipment for both technique and weight training, and all basic equipment for additional training and muscle care.


The one-of-a-kind strength training hall is set up so that the instructor has a clear view to all stations, which makes it easy and safe to practice even in a bigger group. There are mirrors and technique recording cameras on the walls, and our lifting technique analyzing software helps in making the training more efficient.


Camps and Competitions

At Santasport Institute it is easy to organize many kinds of camps and even big competition events. In 2015, the Masters Weightlifting World Championship event will be organized in our facilities.


Camps may be organized in cooperation with members of the local weightlifting club, Ounasvaaran Atleetti Klubi. We also cooperate with the Finnish Weightlifting Federation in organizing courses and camps. If you wish to host a camp or a competition at the Institute, please contact the Sport Master or our Sales department.


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