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Santasport training centre offers supportive training services for clubs, camps, and individuals. Our professional teams and testing services meet the needs of world-class sports.



Our testing station can perform for example muscular tone tests, endurance tests, body composition analyses, balance tests, and mobility tests. The time required is defined by the size of the group. It is also possible to take laboratory tests to support the physical condition evaluation.


Mental Coaching

Santasport offers mental coaching services for clubs, sports associations, and individual athletes. Mental coaching is an individual experience that starts with setting a personal goal. Coaching is always individual, but team dynamics are also not forgotten. The responsible coach is Joona Vazana, who has previously worked with the volleyball major league team WoVo and several national team athletes.


Physiotherapy & Massage

Santa’s Fysio offers athletes and sports enthusiasts massage services and professional physical therapy. Kinesio taping and other treatments can be offered both to individual visitors and camping athletes. We have a strong expertise in body care and treating sports injuries.