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Have you been looking for the location of your next vacation? How about something outside of the USA? Maybe Europe – the land with different culture and lifestyle? Are you are into winter sports? If yes, then we suggest you take a look at Santasport, a recreation and sports center in Finland, Ounasvaara, Rovaniemi. Besides being a great place for spending the holidays, Santasport is an official Olympic Training Center, as well.

Why Santasport?

This location is perfect for both young people looking for lots of fun, as well as for families with children. Everybody will find exciting things to do at this facility, even the youngest visitors, meaning children. Santasport offers both indoors and outdoors sports activities. The children will fall in love with the Lappset Funpark indoor activity park, while the more adventurous spirits will have lots of fun in the Arctic Adventure Park Huima. The accommodation, dining services, pool, gym, sports hall are all offered in the same facility, all at the tourists’ convenience.

How can you afford to go on such a great vacation?

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