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The services of our training center include various testing and laboratory services, performance analysis and consulting services, expert services of coaches, but also nutrition and mental coaching.

The best coaching expertise in Finland on your hands

We have the best and highest quality coahcing expertise in Finland and we utilize it effectively and versatility. In addition to sports coaches, there are many experts on your hands in Santasport Olympic Training Center.

Our training center follows the special training task given by the Finnish Olympic Committee, acting as a developer of skill coaching at the national level. At Santasport, skill coaching is provided to a wide range of athletes in different levels, from beginners to national team-level athletes.

  • Mental Coaching

    We are regularly used to coach and develop the physical side until the top but we forget the mind, which leads our body. Without coaching the mind, we will never get to repossess our potential.

    Mental Coaching helps you to develop your own mind so that you can measure your potential out.

    By Mental Coaching you can i.a. increase the self-knowledge, strengthen the self-esteem, increase the motivation to sports, learn the life skills and practice the self-control skills.

    We offer the Mental Coaching services customedly for individual athletes, teams, coaches and parents of athletes.

  • Nutrition Coaching

    Nutrition is one of the most important thing concerning the development as an athlete, and diet is an important tool to make effective, safe and productive training possible. Sufficient, quality and versatile, wisely formed and timed eating plays a key role not only for having energy in trainings and recovering but also for staying healthy.

    Nutrition Coaching focuses particularly on athlete’s everyday dining and finding related nutritional solutions. However, the biggest meaning to athlete’s performance in terms of nutrition is daily, recurring choices. When you are eating well enough and you can find flexibility and relaxation in your meals, the nutrition will support the journey towards becoming a top athlete.

  • Skill Coaching

    Skill Coaching can be understood as versatile general skills training, the purpose of which varies according to the needs of the target group or the individual. Skills training aims to develop the various qualities of an athlete in a variety of ways.

    At Lapland Sports Institute, Skill Coaching is provided to a wide range of athletes in different levels, from beginners to national team-level athletes. Skill Coaching utilizes the facilities and the equipment of the Academy variedly in order to ensure high quality coaching for each target groups.

    Skill coaching for club teams

    In children and adolescents, the need for Skill Coaching is built around the learning of basic motor skills (movement, balance, and tool-handling skills). This creates a comprehensive stock of movement patterns for the person, enabling safe and healthy exercise and providing the conditions for a more effective learning of the sport.

    Skill Coaching in sports academy of lapland

    With upper level and secondary school athletes, Skill Coaching is an aid to sports coaching designed to provide athletes with tools to improve their motor skills.

    With elite athletes, Skill Coaching is implemented as skills training that supports the main sport and as functional strength training.

  • Skill Coach courses – TAITOC

    Santasport Lapland Sports Institute organizes Skill Coach courses based on the TAITOC skill training system. The courses are suitable for anyone who works as a coach for children and young people. More information about the education packages can be found on the website of the TAITOC coaching concept.

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  • Skills coaching as part of coach courses and sports camps

    Skill Coaching is included as one of the education components in the vocational qualification for coaches (VAT) organized by Santasport.

    Skill Coaching can be incorporated into a sports camp education or camp program, whereby the topic and content of the skill coaching is tailored to support the goals of the target group.

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