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The services of our coaching center include various testing and laboratory services, performance analysis and consulting services, nutrition coaching and expert services of coaches. We also provide sports psychology coaching for clubs, sports federations and individual athletes.

Shortly about skills coaching

Santasport Lapland Sports Institute follows the the special training task given by the Finnish Olympic Committee, acting as a developer of skills coaching at the national level. Skills coaching can be understood as versatile general skills training, the purpose of which varies according to the needs of the target group or the individual. Skills training aims to develop the various qualities of an athlete in a variety of ways. At Lapland Sports Institute, skills coaching is provided to a wide range of athletes in different levels, from beginners to national team-level athletes. Skills coaching utilizes the facilities and the equipment of the Academy variedly in order to ensure high quality coaching for each target groups.

  • Sports Academy of Lapland

    With upper level and secondary school athletes, skills coaching is an aid to sports coaching designed to provide athletes with tools to improve their motor skills.

    With elite athletes, skills coaching is implemented as skills training that supports the main sport and as functional strength training.

  • Multi-Sport School

    Skills training is part of the Multi-Sport School’s diverse range of sports.

  • Skills training for club teams

    In children and adolescents, the need for skill coaching is built around the learning of basic motor skills (movement, balance, and tool-handling skills). This creates a comprehensive stock of movement patterns for the person, enabling safe and healthy exercise and providing the conditions for a more effective learning of the sport.

  • Skills coach courses – TAITOC

    Santasport Lapland Sports Institute organizes skills coach courses based on the TAITOC skill training system. The courses are suitable for anyone who works as a coach for children and young people. More information about the education packages can be found on the website of the TAITOC coaching concept.

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  • Skills coaching as part of coach courses and sports camps

    Skills coaching is included as one of the education components in the vocational qualification for coaches (VAT) organized by Santasport.

    Skills coaching can be incorporated into a sports camp education or camp program, whereby the topic and content of the skills coaching is tailored to support the goals of the target group.

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Mental coaching

We provide mental coaching services aimed at enabling the athlete to make the most of his or her physical abilities. For clubs, sports federations and individual athletes.

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The official partners of Santasport Lapland Sports Institute are the Finnish Olympic Committee and Kisakallio Sports Institute, which is a center of elite sports in Southern Finland.