Revolutionizing Sprint Swimming: Seminar for coaches and swimmers


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Join us for a seminar designed to transform your understanding of sprint swimming. Hosted at the Rovaniemi Olympic training Center by Swimming Club Rovaniemi and Santa Sport, Finland, this event brings together esteemed speakers and cutting-edge insights to elevate your coaching and swimming to new levels.


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Jukka Shemeikka Puh. +358400278141



8 - 9.11.2024


2 päivää

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Swimming coaches


Hiihtomajantie 2, 96400 Rovaniemi, Santasport Lapin Urheiluopisto


2.5 - 5.11.2024


175€ / from July 1st 195 €
Revolutionizing Sprint Swimming: Seminar for coaches and swimmers


All talks in English. 


Early bird (until June 30th) 175,00 € Starting June 16th 195,00 €. Includes everything in the program. Accommodation available at Santa Sport for additional cost.



Accommodation reservations for November 8-9 with the campaign code RSS24:

Standard Single Room: €110/night

Standard Double Room: €125/night

Standard Quadruple Room (with sauna): €163/night

Superior Sextuple Room (with sauna): €192/night

The price includes accommodation for the specified number of persons, breakfast, access to the spa during designated times, and morning gym.

Cancellations and changes are free of charge up to 14 days before the reservation date. If the event is canceled, cancellations are free of charge until 6:00 PM on the day of arrival.



Brett Hawke, a former Australian Olympic swimmer and renowned coach, brings a wealth of experience and insight into elite swimming performance. With his extensive background in both competing at the highest level and coaching world-class athletes, Brett offers invaluable perspectives on technique, training methodologies, and mental preparation for peak performance in sprint swimming.

Other speakers:

Jani Sievinen, a legendary Finnish swimmer celebrated for his dominance in the pool during the 1990s. With numerous international podium performances, such as winning silver at the Atlanta Olympics, and holding world records in his name, Jani brings a unique blend of practical expertise and strategic vision to the seminar. Dive into the passion for swimming with this legendary Finnish swimmer as he shares his journey and insights into the sport. 

Jukka Shemeikka. Learn about the intricate world of coordination in sprint swimming with Jukka Shemeikka, an expert coach and innovator in biomechanics. With a background in applied science and a deep understanding of human kinetics, Jukka offers ground breaking insights into optimizing technique and efficiency in the water.

Program Highlights:

Friday, November 8th: Experience hands-on testing equipment for swimming performance led by Jukka Shemeikka. Followed by Brett Hawke’s talk on revolutionizing sprint swimming. Engage in a sprint swimming strength training demo after Jani’s talk, and enjoy a Lappish Royal Reindeer Buffet dinner at the end of the day.

Saturday, November 9th: Dive into pool demonstrations and discussions with Brett Hawke and Jukka Shemeikka, exploring the nuances of sprint swimming coordination. Conclude the seminar with a comprehensive understanding of how coordination shapes the identity of a swimmer by Jukka Shemeikka.

Don't Miss Out!

Early bird registration is open until June 30th, offering exclusive access at €175. Starting July 1st, the registration fee will be €195. All meals included. Secure your spot today to discover excellence in sprint swimming!


Preliminary program:

Friday, November 8th

11.30-12.30     Lunch

12.30-13.15      Trying out testing equipment for swimming and performance at the pool. Lead by Jukka Shemeikka. Everyone interested is welcome to try out the testing equipment, and learn how to use them.

15min BREAK

13.30                  Welcome notes (Tiera) and brief recap on testing equipment and introduction to how coordination shapes the identity of a swimmer by Jukka Shemeikka.

14.00                  Jani Sievinen: Passion for swimming.

14.45                  BRETT HAWKE: Revolutionizing sprint swimming.

15.30                  Coffee Break 30 MINS

16-17.15            Brett Continues.

                             15min BREAK

17.30-18.30     Sprint Swimming Strength Training Demo (Voimapaja) by Brett Hawke

19.30-                 Dinner: Royal Reindeer Buffet

                             -Brief thanks and recap. Intro to morning Demos.

                             -Opportunity for discussion with Brett, Jukka and Jani.

-Raffle among seminar participants: Main prize.


Saturday, November 9th

9.00-10.30       Demo and discussions: Sprint Swimming (pool) BRETT HAWKE

                             15min break

10.45-12            Demo: Defining coordination in sprint swimming (pool) Jukka Shemeikka

12-13                  Lunch

13-14.30            How coordination shapes the identity of the swimmer.  Jukka Shemeikka.


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Jukka Shemeikka Puh. +358400278141

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