The bowler's no. 1 choice in Lapland

Full strikes and fun times! Our twelve bowling lanes and an automatic scoring system provides a great and relaxing game experience. With the help of bumper rails even the smallest ones in the family get to enjoy the game.

Bowling for clubs, companies and individual customers

Bowling is a fun activity for a group of friends, families or even for companies. Our bowling hall has 12 lanes with automatic scoring systems, which makes the game easy and fun. We also offer bumper rails, which makes the bowling easier for children. We also provide light bowling balls and small sized bowling shoes (smallest size 28) so that the children can enjoy the game as well.

Right next to the bowling alleys we have Café Buusti, where you can buy drinks and snacks to have along with the game, or even bigger dishes to enjoy before or after the game. If you would like to have a completed fun game night you can add for example a Sauna Cabinet along with the bowling.

For more information about the bowling please call to the bowling hall +358 20 798 4207.

Opening hours

Mon - Thu
12.00 – 20.00
Fri - Sat
12.00 – 21.00
10.00 – 18.00

Glow bowling from Friday to Sunday.

Make a reservation online

By booking a bowling lane online, you get the lane hour at a reduced price.


Make a reservation by phone

You can also make a reservation by calling us during our opening hours.
tel. +358 20 798 4207


Cosmic Bowling

We have Cosmic Bowling on Friday and Saturday evenings at 18-21. During that time the whole bowling hall is filled with amazing lightning and good music!

Buusti Lounge & Deli

Buusti Lounge & Deli, operating next to the bowling alleys, provides small snacks and treats as well as salads and hamburgers. Buusti also has A-rights.