Questions and answers to the most asked questions

Here you can find some questions and answers about our facilities, services and other matters. If you don’t find answer to your question from our website, do not hesitate to contact us: info@santasport.fi / +358 20 798 4202

  • How can I get to Santasport?

    From centre to Santasport and back you can use a public transportation. Take a public bus number 5 from Ruokasenkatu in the centre. Please note that there is a bus 5 going two different directions, you need to take the one going to Ounasrinne. Hop off from the bus on the street called Porokatu. That is the closest bus stop to Santasport, it is about 200 meters away.

    You can check the timetable for buses from here.

    Santasport is only 2 kilometers away from the centre, it is easy to access by foot in 15 minutes. Biking takes less than 10 minutes.

    If you are coming from railway station, airport or from somewhere else more far away, the best way is to take a taxi.

    The distance between Rovaniemi Airport and Santasport is 9 km.

  • Where is the nearest grocery store from Santasport?

    The nearest grocery store (K-Supermarket Ounasvaara) is 650 meters away from Santasport, and it is open daily until 22:00. The same building has also pharmacy, pizza restaurant and a small kiosk.

  • Where can I buy tickets to the spa, sports hall or gym?

    You can buy tickets to our services from our reception in our main building. Our reception is open daily between 6 – 22, so you can easily buy a ticket also for example to a morning swim or gym.


  • Where can I buy tickets to Adventure Park Huima?

    You can purchase tickets straight from the Adventure Park itself when you go there. There is a small office building in the park, where the tickets can be bought.

    Check the prices

    Please note that Huima is open only during summer and autumn seasons, approximately from May to October. It is not open during winter.


  • I have lost/forgotten my belongings to Santasport. Where can I find them?

    You can ask about your lost or forgotten belongings from our reception in our main building. If you are not in the building, you can call to our reception +358 20 798 4202 or e-mail them: info@santasport.fi.

  • How can I go to FunPark?

    Our indoor sports park FunPark can be used only by the people staying in our accommodation. FunPark is not open for public use.

    If you are staying in our accommodations, you can purchase a ticket from our reception. Ticket is 4 € / child / day.