Massage & Physiotherapy

Relax, rehabilitate and recover

If you need rehabilitation or help with muscle maintenance, Santa’s Fysio is here for you. Santa’s Fysio offers massage services and physiotherapy for your needs – so relax and recover in the hands of professionals. It is important to keep good care of your body and muscles.

Effective easiness to your muscle tensions

Whether you have muscle tension from working or muscle problems from athletics, Santa’s Fysio is here to help you. We take every customers’ own needs into account and give everyone individualized massage and physiotherapy services. Our versatile environment gives us the possibility also to do physiotherapy in water, gym and sports hall.

Student massage for a cheaper price

Our massage students perform massages for a cheaper price. These students have a know-how of reducing the muscular stress coming from sports and they understand the importance of body care.

Where is Santa’s Fysio?

Santa’s Fysio is located in the lowest floor of the Santasport’s main building. Easiest way is to use the Sports Hall entrance, take the stairs down and go straight. You can also ask directions from our reception.

Opening hours

Massage and physiotherapy
Mon - Fri 9 – 20
Student massage
Mon - Thu 8 – 20 & Fri 10 – 14


Santa’s Fysio office
Call to: +358 20 798 4264

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