Sports & Training Camps

Sportified every day of the year

Santasport Olympic Training Center provides versatile and high-quality conditions for training and sports camps in every sport, every day of the year. Our sportified facilities assures a successful sports camp in Rovaniemi, Finland. Check out our sports below and book the most suitable sports camp for you!

  • The basic sports camp includes and prices

    The basic sports camp includes

    • Accommodation in hotel rooms for 2-4 people
    • Meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
    • Sports facilities, meeting rooms and other sport related conditions, like first snow track, that are planned to the camp program
    • Needed help from Santasport to plan the program

    The price for the basic sports camp package per person is

    • at winter season 1.8.-31.1. 73 €/day
    • at summer season 1.2.-31.7. 68 €/day