Olympic Training Center

Arctic environment for versatile sports training

Santasport Olympic Training Center, in cooperation with sports federations and clubs, organizes sports camps, events, as well as coach and sports instructor courses for various sports. We have unique and versatile environment for training of different sports and we offer a wide range of services including various tests, nutrition coaching and performance analysis.

Santasport – Olympic Training Center Rovaniemi

Santasport is an Olympic Training Center-certified training center that provides an excellent training environment for numerous sports. Our comprehensive services meet the needs of both top athletes and the youths.

Due to the unique and Northern location, we operate especially as a national training center for winter sports. In addition to that, we comply with the special task given by the Finnish Olympic Committee, acting as a developer of physical and skill training at the national level.

When you want to measure and develop your performance in your own sport, do it in the best conditions in Finland — at Santasport!

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Eero Hietanen

Head of Training Center


Tel. +358 40 502 0124


World-class services and facilities

There are plenty of great reasons why so many top athletes across the world travel to Santasport for their sports camps. We offer many services that support the training process, from skills and nutrition coaching to testing, performance analysis and physiotherapy. Santasport and the scenic surrounding area are full of excellent training locations, including the following: ice sports arena, indoor football hall, ski resort, shooting-range for biathlon and 200 km of tracks and trails suitable for summer and winter use (e.g. running, biking, skiing). We can accommodate over 500 guests in our Sporthotel, and there are several restaurants in the premises as well.