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Know your limits

At Santasport’s testing stations, a wide variety of muscle fitness and endurance fitness tests can be performed, but also body composition measurements, balance and mobility tests. Our modern testing facilities also enables specific performance analyzes to many sports.

Find a new direction for training

Testing can be used as a coaching aid for monitoring training and development as an athlete, but also for planning training, regardless of the level of the athlete. Our testing services offer a helping hand to goal-oriented athletes on an individual and group level, as well as regular fitness enthusiasts and work well-being groups.

Our renewed test stations also enable more detailed testing and performance analysis in a controlled environment for several different sports.

Testing environments

  • OTC Testing Laboratory

    The testing laboratory, which opened in the autumn of 2021, is at the international top level in terms of equipment and features. Its modern equipment enables comprehensive data collection, e.g. performance techniques, power output, athlete development, learning and recovery and much more.

    Equipment available

    • Rodby RL3500E Skate Treadmill
    • Realanalyzer
    • AMTI Force Plate
    • Wattbike
    • Vmax – Power Measurement
    • Coachtech – Video shooting system
    • Neurosonic – Relaxation method
  • Rakka Testing Station

    Rakka Testing Station provides an opportunity to perform different kind of endurance fitness tests and body composition measurements. It is also quite easy to utilize the equipment of Rakka for a wide variety speed, jumping and reactive tests in Santasport’s sports hall.

    Equipment available

    • Rodby RL2700E Treadmill
    • Monark – testergometers (4 kpl)
    • InBody – body composition measurement
    • Electric timing cells and mats
    • Contact mat

More information

Riikka Kivistö

Head of Testing Services


Tel. +358 40 710 6341

Testing services

  • Level test

    • Training areas are determined by lactate and heart rate measurements. The test can be performed by running, Nordic walking or by using bicycle ergometer.
    • You’ll get to know your height, weight, blood pressure and fat percentage.
    • Includes oral and written feedback.

    Price: 75€

  • Indirect ergometer test (Fitware)

    Training areas are determined through heart rate measurements. Both maximal and submaximal tests are available. Suitable to athletes of all levels.

    price: 45€

  • Conconi test

    Suitable for beginners and experienced runners. The test defines the training pace and heart rates for different training areas.

    Price: 45€

  • UKK-walking test

    Suitable for athletes of all levels. The test reveals the fitness status of the test subject in relation to their health and performance capability

    Price: 22€

  • Maximal Anaerobic Running Test (MART)

    Anaerobic test for endurance athletes and speed endurance athletes. The test measures the function and anaerobic capacity and efficiency of the neuromuscular system.

    Price: 105€

  • Speed

    Speed ​​tests are customized and implemented to meet the needs of the sport.

    Price starting from: 12€

  • Strength

    Strength ​​tests are customized and implemented to meet the needs of the sport.

    Price starting from: 27€

  • Body composition

    Body composition test (Inbody720) 20€

    Detailed analysis of body composition. The report covers, among other things: the amount of muscle and fat mass, the area of the visceral fat and the distribution of muscle mass in the body.

    Body fat percentage with skinfold measurement 8€

    The body fat percentage is calculated from the sum of the 4 skinfold measurement points. The measurement is also performed in connection with the basic level test and the direct maximal oxygen uptake test.

  • Test packages for athletes

    Fitness start 60 €

    Body composition measurement and indirect bicycle ergometer test.

    Fitness check-up 85 €

    Body composition measurement, muscle strength tests and indirect bicycle ergometer test.

    Fitness tests 45 €

    UKK-fitness tests measure performance in a variety of ways, including balance and muscle fitness tests.

    Muscle strength tests 30 €

    Endurance strength tests for major muscle groups: body flexors and extensors, upper and lower limb muscles.

  • Firstbeat analysis

    • Firstbeat analysis measures the balance between stress and recovery.
    • The recommended measurement period is 3 days (2 working days, 1 holiday).
    • The device is sent by mail and returned after the measurement with a return envelope.
    • A link to the measurement log will be sent by email, where you can fill in sleep and work periods, meals, exercise and any medication information.
    • The analysis takes a few days and the results are discussed personally at a time agreed upon.
    • The wellbeing analysis report can also be sent by email if needed.

    Price: 175€

  • Entrance examination for Emergency Services Academy Finland

    • Preliminary information form filling, ECG measurement, spirometry, muscle fitness tests and medical examination.
    • Performed within one day. Allow 1.5 hours for tests and 20 minutes for medical examination.
    • The testing station will send the results to the Emergency Services Academy at the end of the application period.
    • In 2019, the application for the Emergency Services course ends on August 16, 2019.

    Price: 118€

  • Wellbeing at work

    • Wellbeing at work services and exercise classes may include initial and final testing.
    • Tests make it easy for an athlete to spot their own development and increase their motivation to maintain the new lifestyles. The results can be used for independent training and as tools to monitor physical condition in the future.

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