Equipment Rental

Rent sports equipment conveniently for every season

Rent sports equipment from us for a fun outdoor experience! Whether you were thinking about biking in the forest, playing disc golf or snowshoeing, we provide you the equipment you need, regardless of the season. We also have all the indoor exercise equipment you might need.

Sports equipment and clothes for indoors and outdoors

From the Santasport equipment rental you can find everything you need for independent sports activities in the areas surrounding Santasport or even further. By renting equipment from us you are already right next to the forests of Ounasvaara, so you can easily access the best paths and start your trip straight away!

With our fatbikes you can ride to the city center in a heartbeat, or have a trip in the forests in every season. During snowy winter time our snow shoes and sliding snow shoes will take you on an adventure in the white forests and you can even reach the top of Ounasvaara quite easily, from where you can have an amazing view over the whole city! During clear and dark winter evenings it is also a good spot for possibly seeing the Northern Lights.

You can also rent and buy equipment and clothes to use in our activity services, like swimming suits, goggles and clothes and accessories for the gym.

Contact information

Inquiries from the reception
tel. +358 20 798 4202

Group bookings from the sales department
tel. +358 20 798 4222


Summer activities

Bicycle (8 hrs)
20 €
Fatbike (3 hrs)
30 €
Fatbike (1 day, 8 hrs)
50 €
Fatbike (Following day)
30 €
Nordic Walking Poles (8hrs)
20 €
Disc golf set (3 discs, map + scorecard)
10 € (+deposit)

Winter activities

Skis/snow shoes (3 hrs)
15 €
Skis/snow shoes (8 hrs)
30 €
Skis/snow shoes (following days)
10 €
Sliding snow shoes (3 hrs)
20 €
Sliding snow shoes (8 hrs)
35 €
Sliding snow shoes (24hrs)
45 €
Sliding snow shoes (following days)
15 €
Fatbike (3 hrs)
30 €
Fatbike (8 hrs)
50 €
Fatbike (24 hrs)
75 €
Fatbike (following days)
30 €
Kicksled (3 hrs)
10 €
Kicksled (24 hrs)
20 €
Kicksled (following days)
10 €
Sledges (24 hrs)
5 €

Guided Outdoor activities

Would you prefer a guided tour? We organize different kind of guided outdoor programs for minimum of 2 persons.