Active living for all in a sustainable and safe environment

At Santasport, sustainability is a core value that we want to be visible in all our activities. On this page you will find information about the sustainability of our sports institute, including safety, accessibility and fair competition.


At Santasport, responsibility is one of our core values and we want it to be reflected in everything we do.

Like all Finnish sports institutes, we focus on environmental responsibility and the development of social and economic responsibility. We attach great importance to issues such as customer safety, equality and accessibility within the framework provided by our facilities.

  • Accessibility

    We have taken accessibility into account within the limits of our facilities, so you can move around with us even if you have limited mobility. Each floor of our diverse building has fully equipped toilets and spacious lifts for easy movement between floors.

    If you have a mobility disability, we can provide you with a range of assistive equipment, such as a wheelchair, a shower wheelchair, a shower chair or a wheelchair scooter. On the spa side, you can also use the pool lift, which can be lowered into the pool with a shower wheelchair.

    For accommodation, we have customized a few fully equipped Sporthotel rooms, located on the street level reception floor near the main corridors.

  • Privacy policies

    In the link below you will find the privacy policies of Santasport Sports Institute of Lapland, Santasport Finland Ltd and REDU Group on how we process your personal data in different situations.

    PRivacy policies (in finnish)

  • Safety

    Safety is of paramount importance to us, and we have invested heavily in developing and maintaining safety. We strive to contribute to the overall safety development of Santasport Sports Institute of Lapland and to the active prevention of accidents and incidents for both our customers and our staff.

    We strive to influence not only our staff, but also the attitudes and practices of other users. By working together to ensure the safety of our environment and our practices, and by paying attention to each other at the workplace and in other areas of the building, we can together contribute to our safety.

    We want our customers to feel safe and confident that their well-being is our top priority.

    Safety instructions

    Safety instructions in English
    Safety instructions in Russian

  • Sustainability

    At Santasport, sustainability is a core value that we want to convey in everything we do. That is why we are currently in the process of obtaining the international Biosphere certificate and are also involved in Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland programme.

    We have set up a sustainability team with the task of communicating the sustainability message and developing a sustainability programme throughout the organisation. Like other Finnish sports institutes, we focus on environmental responsibility and the development of social and economic responsibility.

    In terms of sustainability, our key sustainability themes are:

    • Accessibility
    • Equality
    • Fair and clean sport
    • Promotion of physical activity
    • Safety
    • Well-being at work.

Promoter of clean and fair sport

The Fair Competition Programme, coordinated by the FINCIS (Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports), is part of a responsibility programme for sports organisations and actors that covers the entire sports community.

We are part of the Fair Competition Programme of the Finnish Olympic Committee and are therefore committed to the mutually agreed measures of this programme. In line with the Olympic Committee’s programme, we have a programme implementation policy to help us put into practice the measures we take in relation to anti-doping and the fight against competition manipulation.

As a sports institute, we have a key role to play in promoting clean and fair sport in our own region in Lapland.

Operational instruction

Fair Competition at Santasport

  • Education

    The aim of our training is to ensure that all sports stakeholders have the necessary and up-to-date knowledge on anti-doping and anti-competitive manipulation, but also the ability to make ethical and sustainable choices in sport. Our priority is to ensure that athletes and other sports and academic staff are introduced to anti-doping primarily through our training courses. We plan our training activities on an annual basis, taking into account the different target groups.

    Top athletes and young athletes striving for the top

    The Lapland Sports Academy and Santasport Sports Institute of Lapland will locally promote fair competition content in the network’s secondary schools and higher education institutions, using existing materials such as the Grow as an Athlete and Develop as a Top Athlete exercise books and FINCIS’s online trainings.

    The secondary school camps we organise focus on growing up as an athlete, learning about the content, the spirit of fair play and the values associated with it. We have created our own rules of the game for secondary school activities, which define, among other things, the responsibilities and rights of the athlete. The Code of Conduct contains a model of behaviour for all the athletes involved. The code of conduct is signed by the athlete and his/her responsible guardian.

    In our parent-teacher conferences at secondary school level, we raise the issue of anti-doping once a year so that parents are also aware that the athlete is covered by the anti-doping rules and understand what this means in practice. Parents’ evenings are organised in cooperation with the schools. In addition, we offer parents of athletes the opportunity to consult the Growing Up an Athlete guide, where they can also find content on the subject. The athlete’s guardian signs the athlete’s code of conduct alongside the athlete.

    In our upper secondary education, the completion of the FINCIS online training courses is included in the ”Become an elite athlete” lectures to ensure that athletes understand their rights and responsibilities as athletes, both in anti-doping activities and in the fight against match-fixing. In addition, we distribute the FINCIS Anti-Doping Code to our sports academy athletes.

    We will take care to reach out to athletes in higher education so that they understand their rights and obligations as athletes in both anti-doping matters and in the fight against competition manipulation. We will ensure and certify that our athletes in higher education complete the FINCIS online training courses properly. We will send our new athletes the guidance letter provided by the FINCIS when they join the Sports Academy.

    Coaches, staff and trustees

    Our coaches are required to have successfully completed the FINCIS online training courses. Our training and information channels include coaches’ periodic training sessions five times a year and multi-professional team meetings a few times a year. Our coaches are also important messengers to local sports clubs.

    We will ensure that our other staff and trustees are also aware of anti-doping issues, anti-competition and the Code of Conduct for the Sports Institute. Responsible sport codes and transparency of operations are built as part of Santasport’s rolling accountability work.

    The training method will be based on FINCIS’s online trainings and lectures and trainings given by the FINCIS-trained responsible person at Santasport Sports Institute of Lapland. The FINCIS-trained person in charge takes care and ensures that the trainings use up-to-date FINCIS training materials.

    Vocational education and training

    In vocational education and training, our aim is to equip sport students with the skills to contribute to clean sport and fair competition as future sport professionals. In the undergraduate degree in sports instruction, we introduce students to the activities and themes of FINCIS, as it is important for students to understand their role in responsible physical activity and sport and where to find further information if needed.

    For further vocational and specialist vocational qualifications, our training aims to provide students with sufficient knowledge of FINCIS’s themes to enable them to apply their knowledge in their daily work with their sport. We ensure that coaches studying for our further vocational and specialist vocational qualifications are familiar with the codes and commitments that apply to them and to athletes, so that they are able to help athletes to comply with the codes.

    The training method will be based on FINCIS’s online trainings and lectures and trainings given by the FINCIS-trained responsible person at Santasport Sports Institute of Lapland. The FINCIS-trained person in charge takes care and ensures that the trainings use up-to-date FINCIS training materials.

  • Communication

    Good action needs visibility and guidance on communication. Effective communication will keep the issue in the spotlight, so that athletes and other players do not forget about anti-doping issues or the fight against match-fixing. When issues are visible, they become a natural part of our activities and value base, and we are more likely to avoid unfortunate harm. Communication also tells the outside world about the values and choices of our sports institute.

    Communication campaigns

    We run fair competition communication campaigns throughout the year. These include the International Play True Day in April, when we highlight fair play themes in our own communications. December is also International Anti-Corruption Day, when we work with our networks of educational institutions to raise the profile of anti-competitive bribery through our communications.

    In addition to campaign-type communication, we will also communicate on fair play themes at other times in line with our own communication plan.

    Crisis communication

    Despite our good performance, we are prepared for possible crises and how to communicate them. Santasport Sports Institute of Lapland has its own separate crisis communication guidelines and a designated crisis communication team. The crisis communication team is appointed annually.

    Another key element of crisis communication is cooperation with the FINCIS and other potential stakeholders.

    Codes and agreements

    By their agreement, the sports institutes are committed to complying with the Finnish anti-doping regulations in force at the time. As a sports institute, we are also obliged to comply with the sport-specific codes and the codes relating to various prestigious competitions and events.

    We adhere to the ethical principles of sport. Athletes and coaches are obliged to comply with the anti-doping codes of Finland, the International Olympic Committee and the International Federation of the sport, and to cooperate with anti-doping organisations in the investigation of possible doping violations.

    We also undertake not to participate in any form of manipulation of sporting competitions. If a institute participant suspects or discovers manipulation of sporting competitions, whether proposed to him or her or otherwise, he or she undertakes to inform his or her employer and the FINCIS (Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports) immediately, for example via the ILMO service. Our academics undertake not to bet on close targets and not to share insider information with outsiders.

  • Doping control

    Under the Finnish Anti-Doping Code, the FINCIS and other anti-doping organisations have the right to conduct doping tests on athletes who have committed themselves to the anti-doping code on the basis of the codes of sports organisations or other entities or by agreement. Athletes participating in organised sport and competition are subject to doping control.

    Doping tests may be carried out on athletes in Finland by the FINCIS, WADA and international sports federations. Members of the testing team must always present an official authorisation, for example a tester’s card. The arrival of a doping test team is almost always unannounced. A testing room that is closed to outsiders is always required for the smooth conduct of the tests.

    According to the joint agreement, sports institutes will have information available to their customers that the institute may disclose accommodation data of athletes subject to the anti-doping rules who stay overnight on their premises to doping testers. Inquiries by testers about accommodation and training information are confidential and should not be passed on to, for example, the subjects of the inquiry.

    Our staff is sympathetic to anti-doping activities and doping control and we will make every effort to assist the doping test team in the conduct of testing, for example by helping the test team to meet the athlete being tested, assisting with access to facilities and arranging testing facilities.

  • Action in cases of suspected competition manipulation

    In the ”Report a sports violation” section of this page, there is a link to the FINCIS reporting channel, where a person can report a suspected case of competition manipulation. In addition, we have designated a contact person for the Fair Competition Programme who is responsible for handling any allegations of competition manipulation or inappropriate behaviour related to Santasport Sports Institute of Lapland.

    Our contact person will report all cases to the FINCIS Investigation Manager, who will provide guidance on how to proceed. If necessary, the FINCIS will refer the case to the National Co-operation Group, which will decide on any further action to be taken. The parties concerned will be informed of the closure of the case or of any further action that may be taken.

    Contact persons of our Sports Institute

    Teo Jeskanen
    Sustainability Specialist, Santasport Sports Institute of Lapland
    tel. +358 40 710 6381

    Reijo Jylhä
    Head of Sports Academy, Santasport Sports Institute of Lapland
    tel. +358 40 168 0553

  • Report a sports violation

    Everyone has the right to report any suspected doping, match-fixing, spectator safety or other ethical violations in sport. On ILMO service, you can report unethical behaviour by a sports official, such as harassment, anonymously or under your own name. The content of your report will be treated confidentially.

    All information received will be analysed for possible further action. By reporting misconduct, you help to protect sport and ensure a level playing field and a safe environment for all athletes.

    Access to the ILMO service

Sustainability issues

Teo Jeskanen

Sustainability Specialist

Tel. +358 40 710 6381

Safety issues

Oula-Matti Peltonen

Safety Specialist

Tel. +358 40 754 7613