Ice Hockey

Sportified training center

Santasport provides international level training facilities for ice hockey teams. In the same yard you will find everything you need for having a successful sports camp.

An experienced organizer at your service

We have a lot of trusted experience about organizing domestic and international ice hockey camps. Over the years, we have served numerous of KHL and Finnish League teams and also several national teams, so we are sure able to implement a sports camp for your needs.

The facilities for playing ice hockey are great at Santasport because almost everything sport and ancillary training spots, including expert services, is found under the same roof!

  • Facilities

    Sport training

    Ice hockey players practice in Lappi Arena, which is located next to Santasport’s main building. The halls has equipped with the modern lightning and sound reproduction technology. There is also an opportunity to modify the main hall of Lappi Arena to sport tile flooring (for ball hockey etc).

    The facilities of Lappi Arena:

    • The main hall (capacity 3500 + stands)
    • 2 training halls
    • Shooting spot on the yard

    Ancillary training

    We have great facilities for carrying out the ancillary training and recovery for ice hockey teams.

    • Sports hall (running track, jumping spots etc.)
    • Gym
    • Tatami
    • Gymnastics area
    • Indoor and outdoor playing fields
    • Spa
  • Coaching and testing services

    Coaching services

    In our coaching services, you will find experts who know the characteristics of ice hockey, such as skill and physical coaching, mental coaching and nutrition coaching.

    Testing services

    Santasport provides a wide range of tests of the physical properties for ice hockey players.

    Find out more about our testing services here.


  • Our partners

    We work together with the following partners:

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Heikki Kemppainen

Head Coach of Ice Hockey

Tel. +358 40 726 2070

More information

Jari Lempinen

Finnish Ice Hockey Association / Regional Manager

Tel. +358 40 069 2785