Catering Restaurant Havukka

Warm atmosphere in a Lappish Hut

Havukka, our Lappish Hut, is an amazing and atmospheric milieu for meetings, corporate days, birthdays or Christmas parties. Enjoy the evening surrounded by a living fire and feel the real Lappish feeling. In Havukka hut our own chef gathers up some tasty dishes for your group – everything on our menu is made in Havukka’s own kitchen. We also have A-rights.

Warm hut that’s great for larger groups too

Havukka hut is a warm dry pine tree goahti that fits easily 35 guests to have a meeting or a dinner. Havukka is spacious from inside, cozy and its heart is a great fireplace, which brings a unique twist to every meeting. When the guests arrive, the goahti has basic AV-equipment, notepads and pens waiting for them. If necessary, you get instructions on how to use the TV or the video projector.

Max. 52 persons

Why choose Havukka hut?

Illalliskattaus tilausravintola Havukassa.

Enough room for large groups

Havukka has enough space for 35 guests to enjoy the authentic Lappish atmosphere.

Juoma josss on tuoreita marjoja.

Full A-rights

If you want something to drink during your party or corporate event, Havukka-goahti has full A-rights for the delight of thirsty people.

Illalliskattaus tilausravintola Havukassa.

Slightly different meeting place

Havukka has basic AV-equipment as well as notepads and pens.

A la carte annos.

Private chef for your event

The meals prepared in the hut’s own kitchen or by fire are sure to satisfy even the most demanding food lovers.

Havukka's Menu Options 2020

All the food are prepared in Havukka's own kitchen or by the fire. Prices include food, waiter services and private usage for Havukka hut. Prices include water, other drinks can be bought from the hut.

  • Menu 1

    1. MENU
    Smoked salmon mousse and bread

    Surface-smoked reindeer roast
    Smashed lorel mousse and game sauce
    Roasted root vegetables and potatoes

    Panna Cotta and cranberry compote
    Black pot campfire coffee or tea


    57 EUR /pers. min. 10 persons

    49 EUR/pers. min. 15 pers.

    43 EUR/pers. min. 20 pers.

    36 EUR/pers. min. 30 pers.

  • Menu 2

    2. MENU
    Velvety vegetable soup and parsnip chips


    Sautéed reindeer and smashed potatoes
    with lingonberry jam and pickled cucumber

    Apple pie and vanilla sauce
    Black pot campfire coffee or tea


    45 EUR/pers. min. 10 pers.

    37 EUR/pers. min. 15 pers.

    32 EUR/pers. min. 20 pers.

    25 EUR/pers. min. 30 pers.

  • Menu 3

    3. MENU
    Mushroom & smoked reindeer soup, fresh bread and butter

    Baked fish of the season in white wine butter sauce
    Roasted potatoes
    Oven roots

    Blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream
    Black pot campfire coffee or tea


    49 EUR/pers. min. 10 pers.

    42 EUR/pers. min. 15 pers.

    37 EUR/pers. min. 20 pers.

    30 EUR/pers. min. 30 pers.

  • Menu 4

    4. MENU
    Smoked reindeer tartar and bread

    Blaze salmon
    Roasted root vegetables and Lappish potatoes
    Dill-remoulade sauce

    Havukka’s thin pancake
    Cloudberry jam
    Black pot campfire coffee or tea


    51 EUR/pers. min. 10 pers.

    45 EUR/pers. min. 15 pers.

    39 EUR/pers. min 20 pers.

    32 EUR/pers. min. 30 pers.

  • Menu 5

    5. MENU
    Seitan cheese salad
    Herb oil
    Fresh bread and butter

    Overcooked beef brisket
    Red wine-thyme sauce
    Root vegetable purée

    Havukka’s thin pancake
    Cloudberry jam
    Black pot campfire coffee or tea


    46 EUR/pers. min. 10 pers.

    39 EUR/pers. min. 15 pers.

    34 EUR/pers. min. 20 pers.

    27 EUR/pers. min. 30 pers.