Sportified training center

At Santasport, you will easily find the best facilities for weightlifting in Finland. Our spacious training hall serves even large groups from amateurs to world-class weightlifters. As national training center of weightlifting we promote and develop the sport in many ways together with the Finnish Weightlifting Federation.

Home of weightlifting

We host the most weightlifting competitions and training camps in Europe. There are numerous of national and international value competitions every year, which are held in Santasport, Rovaniemi. Our close co-operation with the Finnish Weightlifting Federation and local clubs makes it possible to organize education, training camps as well as other competitive activities in weightlifting.

  • Facilities

    Sport training

    Our strength training facility is unique in Finland and it’s organized in such a way that the instructor has a good visual contact to every lifting spot, when the simultaneous training of even larger groups is easy and safe to implement.

    You will find the following equipments from us:

    • 20 lifting spots with full weight sets (Eleiko)
    • Bars 10kg, 15kg, 20kg
    • 10 squat and bench press spots
    • 15 exercise mats
    • 2 exercise bicycles
    • Back muscle bench
    • Kettlebells & pull-up spots
    • Jump fences & wall bars
    • Mirrors with curtains at 3 lifting spots
    • Magnesium containers
    • Latency camera

    Ancillary training

    Our sports hall assures the high-quality training opportunities for weightlifters. There is a 200-meter running track, jumping spots and fully equipped gym.

    It’s also possible to utilize our outdoor facilities, like artificial grass or outdoor routes of Ounasvaara.

  • Coaching and testing services

    Coaching services

    Professional sports coaching is a prerequisite for a successful sports camp. When you are with us, you can utilize the best weightlifting coaching expertise in Finland.

    In addition to sport coaching, you will be able to get high-quality nutrition coaching, mental coaching and skill coaching for your sports camps.

    Testing services

    Santasport provides a wide range of tests of the physical properties for weightlifters. With the new testing laboratory, international top-level testing services are available.

    Testing laboratory, specialized in weightlifting, is the first in Finland and rare in Europe.

    Find out more about our testing services here.


  • Our partners

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