Alpine Sports

Sportified training center

Santasport has a strong partnership with Levi Ski Resort for alpine sports. Together we provide great conditions for daily training and sports camps for all alpine sports.

Strong co-operation with Levi

Santasport works as national training center for alpine skiing and freestyle in Finland. We are able to provide the best facilities and coaching expertise for ancillary training of alpine sports in Rovaniemi. Our co-operation with Levi Ski Resort makes sport training possible in world-class conditions.

We are making Lapland strong for development of alpine skiers together!

  • Facilities

    Sport training

    More advanced alpine skiers mainly practice in Levi Ski Resort in Kittilä. The distance between Santasport and Levi is approximately 2 hours by car. There are also 13 slopes with varied levels in Ounasvaara Ski Resort, which enable sport practicing in Rovaniemi too.

    Ancillary training

    We have great facilities for carrying out the ancillary training and recovery for alpine skiers.

    You will find the following facilities and equipments from us:

    • Running track (200m)
    • Gym
    • Jumping spots
    • Trampolines
    • Strength training areas
    • Gymnastics area
    • Tatami
    • Spa
    • Wide range of terrains
  • Coaching and testing services

    Coaching services

    In our coaching services, you will find experts who know the characteristics of alpine sports, such as skill and physical coaching, mental coaching and nutrition coaching.

    Testing services

    Santasport provides a wide range of tests of the physical properties for alpine skiers. With the new testing laboratory, international top-level testing services will be available from autumn 2021.

    Find out more about our testing services here.


  • Our partners

    We work together with the following partners:

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Eero Hietanen

Head of Training Center

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