Track & Field

Sportified training center

Santasport provides year-round conditions for track and field training and competitive events in our sports hall in Rovaniemi. The facilities serve both juniors and national team level athletes.

Educator of top athletes in Lapland

As regional training center of track and field, Santasport works hard among athlete’s daily training from childhood. Our experienced track and field coaches make sure that every runner, thrower and jumper has the opportunity to reach their own dreams.

In addition to daily training, we are used to organize plenty of different camps and weekly groups together with local track and field clubs.

  • Facilities

    Sport training

    Athletes practice mainly in our sports hall, where you can find everything you need for track and field. There are also gymnastics and strength training areas, gym and three courts in the sports hall.

    You will find the following facilities and equipments from us:

    • Running track (200m, 4 tracks with rising curves)
    • 2 jumping spots
    • High jump and pole vault spots
    • Throwing area
    • Hurdles (Polanik)
    • Starting blocks
    • Pacemaker
    • Step length and contact time meter
    • Electronic timing system
    • Prowler sleds
    • Several exercise bicycles
    • Basic equipments (javelin, discus, hammer, poles etc.)

    Ancillary training

    We have great facilities for carrying out the ancillary training and recovery for athletes.

    • Gym
    • Strength training area (20 lifting spots with weight sets)
    • Tatami
    • Spa
    • Outdoor field (artificial grass)
    • Wide range of terrains in Ounasvaara
  • Coaching and testing services

    Coaching services

    We have experienced track and field coaches, specialized to running. In our coaching services, you will also find experts who know the characteristics of track and field, such as skill and physical coaching, mental coaching and nutrition coaching.

    Testing services

    Santasport provides a wide range of tests of the physical properties for athletes.

    Our professional experts carry out tests and measurements specific to athletes, such as:

    • VO2 Max Test
    • Level test
    • Conconi test
    • Jumping tests

    Find out more about our testing services here.


  • Our partners

    We work together with the following partners:

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Susanna Parkkisenniemi

Head Coach of Track and Field

Tel. +358 40 197 1396