Ski Jumping & Nordic Combined

Sportified training center

Ounasvaara and Santasport provide great facilities for Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined training in Rovaniemi. Ski jumping hills and comprehensive ski track networks serve athletes from juniors to international top-level.

Feel the flying both on the hills and tracks

Santasport is known as a traditional and popular destination among domestic and international Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined teams. Both hills and ski tracks of Ounasvaara take care of a successful sports camp and when you are with us, you have the best experts in Finland for use.

  • Facilities

    Sport training

    Ski Jumpers practice on Ounasvaara Ski Stadium, where is found hills with six different sizes. Cross-country skiers practice on the high-quality tracks of Rovaniemi, much of which are located in the varied terrain of Ounasvaara. Different track profiles serve both youth skiers and world-class skiers.

    In the summer season there are good opportunities for roller skiing in Rovaniemi. In addition, we have a roller ski carpet for training and testing in Santasport.

    • Ski Jumping Hills (K6, K15, K28, K36, HS70, HS100)
    • Cross-Country Ski Tracks (200 km)
    • Comprehensive Cycleway network
    • Roller Ski Carpet
    • Ski Wax Spots for 20 people

    Ancillary training

    We have great facilities for carrying out the ancillary training and recovery for ski jumpers and Nordic combined athletes.

    • Sports hall (running track, jumping spots etc.)
    • Gym
    • Tatami
    • Gymnastics area
    • Indoor and outdoor playing fields
    • Spa
  • First snow track

    We have the longest first snow track in Finland. The length of the track is approximately 9 kilometers. Every year, the first snow track will be open at the end of October.

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  • Coaching and testing services

    Coaching services

    In our coaching services, you will find experts who know the characteristics of cross-country skiing, such as skill and physical coaching, mental coaching and nutrition coaching.

    Testing services

    Santasport provides a wide range of tests of the physical properties for cross-country skiers. With the new testing laboratory, international top-level testing services will be available from autumn 2021.

    Find out more about our testing services here.


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